School Management

Westminster School has three major governing and management bodies:

  • Westminster School Council
  • Westminster School Foundation Board
  • School Leadership Team 

Westminster School Council
The ultimate governing body of the School

​Chairman Phillip Styles ('66)​
​Deputy Chair ​Kym Darcy
​Secretary/Treasurer ​Craig Need ('86)
​Acting Principal Grant Bock
President: Moderator Uniting Church of Australia South Australia Synod Moderator’s Alternative
​Rev Philip Hoffmann
Appointed Members​ ​Megan Dyson
​Crawford Giles ('86)
Andrew May ('77)
Professor ​Margaret Hicks
​Sally Powell ('93)
In Attendance Tania Sargent (Public Officer)​
​Life Members Prof ​Brian Abrahamson
​Geoffrey Bean AM
​Nita Doddridge
​Cliff Hawkins AM
​Rev Don Haydon
​Brian Martin QC
​Stephen Mathwin ('65)
​​Michael Murray
​Barry Need
​Robert Nelson
​John Parnell


Westminster School Foundation Board
Oversees fundraising and investments for the School

President Russell Ellis​
Vice President ​Rosemary Milisits OAM​
​Treasurer Kerrie McCarthy ('85)
​Secretary Abbie Taylor (Community Relations Officer)
​Executive Officer ​Miranda Starke (Director of Development
​Chair of Council ​Phillip Styles ('66)
​Ordinary Members Grant Bock (Acting Principal)
​Rosie Aust
​Ashok Bhoola
​Neil Curnow
​Dr K Mark Lawrence ('77)
​Phil Moyle
​Andrew Petrone
​Caroline Phegan


School Leadership Team
Responsible for the ongoing management of the School

​Acting Principal Grant Bock
​Acting Head of Preparatory School Stuart Burns
​Head of Senior School ​David Wallage
​Director of Corporate Services ​Tania Sargent
​Director of Organisational and Professional Growth ​Gill Oscar
​Director of Learning ​Andrea Sherwood
​Director of Development ​Miranda Starke
​Director of Activities and Residential Community
Co-ordinator of Pre-Service Teachers and Gap Assistants
​Gary Davison